what is a shampoo bar?

First up, what is a shampoo bar?  It’s basically a solid block of shampoo that looks just like a bar of soap but is intended for hair. Shampoo bars are becoming increasingly popular with the benefit of not requiring a plastic bottle, being very long-lasting and their easy transport as they do not leak from […]

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Why milk soap?

We often get asked what the benefits are of adding milk to soap. Milk has a high-fat content which makes the soap moisturizing and creamy which, after use, leaves your skin feeling soft. In addition to this milk, soaps are often milder than everyday soap. Goats milk, in particular, helps to lower the alkalinity of […]

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What is traditional handmade soap?

What’s the deal with soap? Soap has been in the business of cleaning our skin for thousands of years. Early handmade soap was crude and not nearly as cosmetically pretty as today’s standards. Nowadays soap makers have it very good with access to ingredients such as exotic oils, essential oils, and body butters that were […]

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