Star Bright Body Soap (with Biodegradable Glitter)


Get ready to sparkle and shine, one shower at a time!

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Yarra Naturals’ Star Bright body soap is like a disco party in your shower – with biodegradable glitter and colourful swirls that could rival a unicorn’s tie-dye collection. The fragrance is a fruity fiesta, as if grapefruit, orange zest, and passion fruit decided to have a tropical beach party on your skin. And in the middle of all this, hyacinth, blood plum, and peach show up like the cool kids crashing the party. The grand finale? A base note trio of jasmine, amber, and white musk, ensuring you leave the shower smelling so good, you might just attract a fan club.

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Ingredients: Saponified olive and coconut oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, shea butter, fragrance, mica, biodegradable glitter.

Yarra Naturals soaps are cured for at least four weeks to produce a long-lasting soap bar. Each bar is handmade in our studio in Melbourne, Australia.

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