Nourishing Goat Milk – Unscented Body Soap

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A very nourishing and creamy bar of soap. Unscented for sensitive skin.

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Soap made with goat milk has many benefits. Not only does it produce a more creamy and moisturizing bar of soap, but it is also is very gentle on the skin. Our Nourishing Goat Milk soap is unscented and rich and creamy as it is made with fresh goats milk and then cured for 4 weeks to ensure a long-lasting bar of soap.

Goat milk soap has several benefits and is especially good for people with dry or sensitive skin. Goat milk is similar to our skin’s PH and as a result, it is very soothing in soap, does not irritate the skin and will leave the skin feeling soft.

This soap is made using fresh locally sourced goat milk (we do not use powdered goat milk) with virgin olive oil. Each bar is cured for a minimum of 4 weeks and there are no harsh chemicals or fragrances added. We’ve gone even further than that,  during the soap-making process we create an infusion by combining chamomile leaves and flowers combined with virgin olive oil and gently heated over several hours. Once the chamomile and olive oil has successfully infused we strain the chamomile and use the infusion to make the most nourishing and creamy bar of soap.


  • Made using fresh Australian goat milk
  • Goat milk is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and has a similar PH to our skin.
  • Made with Australian extra virgin olive oil
  • Infused chamomile (soothing, nourishing)
  • Beneficial for people with sensitive, aging, dry skin
  • Moisturizing and creamy
  • No harsh chemicals or additives

Ingredients: saponified virgin olive oil,  coconut oil, sustainably sourced palm oil, fresh goats milk, titanium dioxide.

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All of our soaps at Yarra Naturals are cured for a minimum of 4 weeks to produce a long-lasting bar of soap. Each bar is handmade in our studio in Melbourne, Australia.

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3 reviews for Nourishing Goat Milk – Unscented Body Soap

  1. Stacey Huang (verified owner)

    Beautiful product. Amazing service. Happy customer.

  2. Michelle Crees (verified owner)

    Fantastic soap for people who suffer from excema

  3. Wendy (verified owner)

    Nice & plain, I like the idea it has camomile in it too

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